2016 NSW Novice Titles - General RULES

Published Mon 12 Sep 2016

General rules for novice titles

(1) Boxers must supply proof of nomination at the registration table on the first day of competition

(2)The age of a boxer will be calculated using their day of birth.

(3)If a boxer has been issued with a BAL competition record book they must produce that at weigh-in as well as their Combat sports book to verify their competition record (no book no fight)

(4)Once a boxer presents themselves at the official scales there will be no second chance so please check your weight on the practice scales that will be provided.

(5) Boxers must wear either Red or Blue vests and trunks corresponding their allotted corner. There must also be a 100mm defining waistband. No other colour combinations are permitted.

(6) Red or partially red mouthguards are not permitted to be used as per BAL competition rules and regulations.

(7) Coach’s will wear surgical gloves that will be provided and abide by the coach’s code of conduct including dress code at all times.

(8) All bouts will be contested over 3x2 minute rounds with a 1 minute interval except for under 15 boxers who will compete over 3x1.5 minute rounds as per BAL competition rule book.

(9) Boxers, after being announced for their bout, will have 1 minute to present at ringside or risk disqualification.

(10) Male boxers must be clean shaven before weigh-in and again before their bout. NO EXCEPTIONS.