2019 Novice Titles Important Information

Published Wed 28 Aug 2019

2019 NSW Novice Titles Important Information


+ Draw will be conducted this afternoon and from this point no changes can be made.


+ 2 or more pools will be created for divisions with more than 8 competitors. This will ensure there are no carry over bouts.


+ If you record book indicates that you are not in the correct category, you will be disqualified from the event. (if your record has changed since last week's golden gloves you have until 12pm today to email the office eo.nsw@boxing.org.au


+ If you weigh-in outside of your nominated weight category you will be disqualified from the event ie. nominated at 75kg and weigh-in at 75.1 = disqualified


+ All winners by walkover for the U19 Qualifier Event must weigh-in on Sunday 8th September


+ Boxers will only be required to weigh-in on the day you are competing


+ You must nominate 3 coaches (per gym) that will be assigned to your corner. If you are a coach and your name has not been nominated you must pay an entry fee to this tournament.


+ All coaches MUST hold a CSA Coaches Registration, a BAL Level 1 Accreditation & must be registered as a NSW Coach. Non accredited and uninsured coaches will not be permitted to corner. Zero Tolerance. To register with Boxing NSW please follow the link below -




+ Boxers must be registered with CSA and Boxing NSW by Tuesday 3rd September. Please be proactive and contact CSA to ensure your registration is up to date. If you have not registered with Boxing NSW this year your registration is due.


+ Sequence of bouts and weigh-in times will be available within 48hours of the Draw