Competitors CSA Registration - 2018 NSW Novice Titles

Published Mon 25 Jun 2018


We have received notification that the following Boxers have outstanding requirements with NSW Combat Sports Authority. Please contact CSA on 131302 for further information regarding your registration -

Andreas Savva
Bailey Lester 
Catherine Leoleos 
Cody-Ryan Mulligan 
Connor Newcombe
Damon Polley
Dharringarra Trewhella
Gaige Jack
Georges Merza
Gy Sohn
Jack Brown 
Jack Roberts 
Jake Ida 
Julian Moshegov 
Lizza Gebilagin 
Luke Trbojevic 
Mai Soliman 
Michael Nichols 
Nicolas Guesnon 
Parker Wai 
Paul McGlone 
Reece Brown 
Ryan King 
Simon Marsden 
Thomas Clark 
Anthony Phillips 
Tremayne Hough

To compete at the 2018 NSW Novice Titles you MUST be registered with both Boxing NSW & NSW Combat Sports.

Boxing NSW -

NSW Combat Sports Authority -