Super 8 & Selection Event - CSA Requirments

Published Wed 17 Oct 2018

Super 8 & Boxing NSW Selection Event 26-28 October 2018 All combatants with outstanding requirements please contact combat sports for more information. A reminder your Boxing NSW registration & your Combat Sports registration must be active by Tuesday 23 October, 12pm or you will be unable to compete - Sara Jalonen - active Annabel Vogel - active Haylee-Mereille Smith 3/03/1980 Needs to reapply Chei Kenneally 2/02/1995 New Serology David Ho 22/10/1992 Upload photo, required documents and payment Shannan Davey 3/09/1999 New Serology Jake Ida 10/07/1995 New Fitness Steven Anton 29/09/1996 New Serology Lucus Gracek 7/08/1995 Nicholas Nash 8/09/1997 New Serology Troy McNamara - active Jayden Heyward - active Madeline Benson - active Jasmin Huriwai - active Allegra Vickas - New Fitness and Serology Joshua Fitzpatrick - Upload photo, required documents and payment Mark Borg - active Cody Beeken - active Timothy Hannan - New Serology Jackson Murray - active